To provide training, consultancy and management development services aimed at improving the performance of people and organizations towards achieving defined goals and aspirations throughout Africa. It will achieve this mandate through the following:.

  • Internationally competitive quality post-experience training programmes
  • Locally sensitive outreach development activities
  • Provision of impartial consultancy and technical assistance to organizations and governments
  • Conducting results-oriented research and studies for clients
  • Publish the findings of research and studies
  • Providing effective management development services to clients
  • Arranging professional visits and study-tours to places of learning


Every organization has a set of beliefs, values and norms. Following is what you will typically find at IDCA

  • Respect for our clients
  • Care and hospitality
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Hard Working
  • Open and Flexible
  • Participatory Approaches to Problem Solving
  • Information, Communication and Technology
  • Secretarial
  • Other Areas


Our staff strengths include permanent facilitators whose areas of expertise range from Agricultural Science, Human Resources Management, Finance, Development Studies, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, and Information Technology. In addition, IDCA maintains a rich roster of experienced regional and international external consultants to facilitate its programmes.


Located at Plot 175, Corner of Mbhilibhi and Tsekwane Streets, Mbabane, Swaziland, our premises are an exclusive all in one centre comprising of administration block, conferencing facilities, and a guest house. See a preview of pictures below.