Secretarial and Administration Courses

SA01 Advanced Secretarial and Personal Assistants Programme 11 Jan – 05 Feb
25 Jun - 20 Jul
SA02 Professional Executive Secretaries & Administrators 12 Feb - 09 Mar
30 Jul - 24 Aug
SA03 Management Development Programme for
Personal Assistants & Administrators
09 Apr - 04 May
24 Sep - 19 Oct
SA04 Office Administration and Business Methods 28 May - 22 Jun
19 Nov - 14 Dec

Short Courses

An organization benefits from staff training when the staff has acquired the necessary knowledge and skill that generate the required improvement in performance.

Our courses are designed to reflect the current training needs of managers and supervisors at various levels in present-day, results-oriented organizations. The programmes address contemporary issues in public and private entities as well as development and community-oriented units.

Tailored Courses

Tailor made courses are available on request. We usually require a minimum of two weeks to develop and run such courses. For any special cases, IDCA will be ready to discuss and come up with the best solution for you or your organization.

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